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  • Smart Intelegent 4 button switch

Smart Intelegent 4 button switch

Smart intelegent button switch,



Smart intelegent button switch,



1) Add device from home screen (see Figure1).

2) Select the wall switch from add device screen (see Figure 2).

3) Scan the QR code on the intelligent switch (See figure 3).

4) Click on each button 1 to 4 and select device or scene from

the list provided you want to control from the intelligent switch

(See figure 5 & 6).

5) When you have selected all the buttons on the setting screen

click on the match button at the bottom of the screen

(see Figure 4).

6) Press and hold any button on the intelligent switch until you

hear a double beep sound , then release the button and press

the done button on the APP screen (see Figure 7).

7) Setup of the intelligent switch is complete. If you want to change the

switch settings simply start the process again there is no need to delete the previous settings.



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