Hi thank you for visit ECO1 website. Our main product is smart home and lighting.

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About ECO1

Our Aim :

Create a system that can make life easier by designing products that have the users life style in mind and enhance the user experience.

Our Philosophy :

ECO1 SMART CONTROL is at the forefront of affordable smart home control. ECO1 manufactures a complete range of smart products that can control everything within a home or office environment. Our philosophy is,make it simple to setup and simple to install and where possible make it completely wireless so anyone can install it without the need for expensive technicians. We also understand the need for Smart home products to be integrated into a single system to simplify the system control and allow everything in a home to work together to create a truly smart home.

Our Company Overview :

ECO1 Smart Control Lighting was founded in 2010 in the area of LED lighting. Over several years of development we have grown into a company with a solid foundation in the LED market. It quickly became apparent that smart lighting and smart products would soon dominate the market. We started our own research and development to design and manufacturer our own range of smart lighting and smart products, today our company has grown to 100 employees in the production of lighting and smart products.

We also have our own design team, electronic manufacturing lines and plastic injection molding department, this enables us to keep all aspects of production inhouse. As a result we can control the quality of every aspect of the development process and produce products which are innovative, high quality, reliable and competativley priced.

Contact Information :

Email: service@eco1smartcontrol.com

Luke (China Office): +86 186 6412 1104

Ivan(Australia Office): +61 417 827 667